Command-line interpreter

The transip-api includes a command-line interpreter (CLI) that doesn’t do much yet. By default it does a getDomainNames() call, but with the -u option it’s also possible to add or update DNS records. When calling it with the -h, it will show all available options.

$ transip-api

$ transip-api -h
usage: transip-api [-h] [-l LOGINNAME] [-s] [-a] [-u] [-d]
                   [--domain-name DOMAIN_NAME] [--entry-name ENTRY_NAME]
                   [--entry-expire ENTRY_EXPIRE] [--entry-type ENTRY_TYPE]
                   [--entry-content ENTRY_CONTENT] [--api-key PRIVATE_KEY_FILE]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l LOGINNAME, --login-name LOGINNAME
                        TransIP username
  -s, --show-dns-entries
                        show all DNS entries for a domain
  -a, --add-dns-entry   add an entry in the DNS
  -u, --update-dns-entry
                        update an entry in the DNS
  -d, --delete-dns-entry
                        delete an entry in the DNS
  --domain-name DOMAIN_NAME
                        domain name to use
  --entry-name ENTRY_NAME
                        name of the DNS entry
  --entry-expire ENTRY_EXPIRE
                        expire time of the DNS entry
  --entry-type ENTRY_TYPE
                        type of the DNS entry
  --entry-content ENTRY_CONTENT
                        content of the DNS entry
  --api-key PRIVATE_KEY_FILE
                        TransIP private key

Example of adding/updating a record:

$ transip-api -l githubuser -u --api-key privatekey --domain-name --entry-name testentry --entry-expire 86400 --entry-type A --entry-content
Request finished successfully.