Welcome to transip-api’s documentation!

This library aims to implement the TransIP SOAP V5 API in Python. The SOAP V5 API is marked as deprecated by TransIP, users are strongly advised to switch to the new TransIP REST API V6.

If you would like to use the new TransIP REST API V6, please consider using python-transip instead.

Here is an example of a simple Python program:

from transip.service.vps import VpsService


# You can specify the private key directly or supply the path to the private
# key file. The private_key_file will default to `decrypted_key`.
client = VpsService('accountname', private_key_file='/path/to/decrypted_key')
client = VpsService('accountname', private_key=PRIVATE_KEY)

# Order a Vps without addons:
client.order_vps('vps-bladevps-x1', None, 'ubuntu-18.04', 'vps-name')

You can get the library directly from PyPi:

pip install transip


This part of the documentation guides you through all of the library’s usage patterns.

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